Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trying to learn how to CHILL OUT!

I'm kind of reaching the point now where everything is becoming a little more difficult.  You know, the things that you usually take for granted like bending over!  I'm kind of being forced to slow down and I don't like it much.  I always need to keep busy otherwise my mind starts to go a little crazy and I get very restless.  I also don't like it when people have to do things for me, but once again I just have to suck it in and ask every now and then.  This past week has been a little more difficult though (ermm first week I've actually felt really pregnant!) because of an upset stomach and constant mild cramping.  I need for this baby to stay put for another month and that means staying put myself!  So I try to just give myself a few little jobs to do a day, and do my best to block out all the other things I see that could/ should still be done!  I try to go swimming regularly (but that can't happen until the late avo because the sun is too strong here), I read my book, check face book about 20 times a day to see if my other pregnant friends due this week have had theirs, I plan my next meal, I lay around on the couch day dreaming about what it will be like to wake up on the first morning after giving birth and see a snugly little baby beside me, I go to the toilet about as often as I check Facebook, I prod on the little feet that constantly poke out of my side... and that I've got to say is about the extent of it
 all!  Action packed right.  The one thing I have avoided so far is watching day time television, it just feels wrong to be watching the box in the middle of summer, even if you can't go outside.
Anyway this avo I'm off to the doctor again (third day in a row!  The first day was with the skin doctor, the second for routine blood tests and now the third is to see why my guts are so upset), and then tomorrow I have my antenatal coffee group catch up.  It seems half the girls had their babies over the Christmas/ new year holiday so I can't wait to meet them and hear all about it.
Okay I should probably stop this little novel now!  I'm also on dog sitting duty today so had better go and release the hounds.

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