Monday, September 30, 2013

One fish, two fish

The weather yesterday was foul (I mean seriously, looking over toward the city we wondered whether the Apocalypse was about to rain down on us) and as per usual we were getting a little scratchy hanging around the house all day.  So we decided to FINALLY introduce the little one to the deep blue... public swimming pool.  Nic has been wanting to do this since before she was even born so this was kind of a big deal!
We picked the first pool we could find on google and ended up on a dead end road in Birkenhead beside a slightly decrepit war memorial park (with a small museum open on Sundays from 2 - 3pm that I'm perfectly curious to check out).  Anyway thank goodness the kiddie pool was inside, kind of cute and completely empty.
Let me tell you, this kid was a fan!  She wasn't fazed by anything and before long we were kicking and splashing up a small tsunami.  I'm not sure that I'll ever see anything cuter than that little butt in those frilly pink togs with a pair of chubby dimpled legs kicking around furiously.  The only part she discovered was not so fun is getting out of the pool, being cold and wet, and then having to walk back to the car in the wind! 
We were hoping that so much strenuous exercise might have knocked her out early for the night, but noooo.  Nic and I were rubbing our eyes, struggling to stay awake during dinner whilst Ayana talked loudly at us and made her usual evening demands.
All in all it was a fantastic afternoon though and swimming will definitely be becoming a regular feature in our week!


  1. Fun! we have yet to take Corvan swimming but he loves his bath times and kicks up a storm there

    1. I'm sure he will! We're still undecided as to whether to enroll her in swimming lessons already or just let her have fun with us first!