Tuesday, October 15, 2013


- Just two friends watching the world go by.
- Trying to feed the birds in Takapuna, but it was too windy for anybody to fly that day.
- NO for the last bloody time, you may NOT COME INSIDE!!
- Coffee group... the aftermath.
- This guy waiting for a new home at the Browns Bay markets.
- Hi, hi, hi I'm awake, hellooooooo??
- Food trucking it on a Wednesday afternoon.  So good, every time.
- Summer is almost here!

The chores are done, the little one is taking a marathon nap, I have a bowl of strawberries to my right and a coffee to my left.  What a strange and absolutely delicious feeling!  We only have a couple of days left here before Elena comes back and we hand the reins over again.  I'm excited to be going home, having our own bed, putting Ayana back into her bed (although I'll miss snuggling up to that little person every night), being able to put my clothes into a wardrobe and not battling the endless amount of stray dog hair.  But I've got admit that I've quite enjoyed farm sitting this time around.  We have our little routines here now and having animals/ gardens dependent on us has definitely helped that.  I keep saying that I'm looking forward to our normal life again, but I'm not really sure what normal is for us anymore! Ayana is such a different person to when we moved down here a month ago.  I'm nervous about moving back to our tiny little house, just the two of us (well three of us but Nic is at work all day) amongst all our hoarded chaos.  I think for sanity sake we're going to need to do a big Spring clean, make some room for this next faze and figure out how we're going to spend our days.  What will I do without the dogs to entertain Ayana all the time?!  It's exciting too though.  Things are forever changing and it's nice to be able to change with them.  Never a dull moment.  Anyway before that happens we are going on a little road trip to Rotoroa for a wedding and a bit of family time.

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