Monday, October 7, 2013


- The smiling little face that greets me every morning when I wake up
- Favourite chubby thighs
- Spring afternoon on the farm
- Thalia and Ayana charging ahead on our walk
- Those chickens up to no good again
- Discovering the hidden nest under the house (and a few eggs!!)
- Finding toys everywhere these days
- These two just can't get enough of swings
- Dawn mist in the valley

Life feels like it's whizzing past us at an incredibly pace at the moment.  Sometimes I swear the days are morphing into one. We wouldn't mind pulling the handbrake sometimes just to catch our breath but in all honesty things are great!
We've settled into our little 'farm sitting' routine quite nicely this week.The animals all seem happy enough (aside from the dogs maybe because they can never really get enough attention!), the gardens are growing like mad, the house almost feels like our own and the sun has made some very welcome appearances. 
Before we've even had the chance to really register the end of one week, we're already hurdling  into the next.  So much to do, so little time!
And on that note...

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