Friday, November 15, 2013

Hitting the city and escaping cabin fever

Sometime in the last couple of months we forgot all about exploring... and life just hasn't felt right!  To be perfectly honest we I have been struggling to readjust since moving back home after our stint of 'farm sitting'.  We had established a nice little rhythm to our day which involved chickens, cows, cats, dogs, gardens and a big open house with plenty of room.  Then we moved back to our little house which is absolutely bursting at the seams.  I've almost felt a sense of claustrophobia here and I swear no matter how much I try to tidy up, things just end up topsy turvy again five minutes later.  It drives me nuts, it's an endless battle.  Anyway so we've been spending a lot of time at home... trying to tidy mostly.  Poor Ayana hasn't been loving it either.  She's been clingy and complaining a lot, she's sick of all her toys, frustrated at not quite being mobile etc.  I know, I know it sounds like I'm trying to throw us a pity party here, but I promise this is just the pretext and an epiphany is coming!
After another slow start to the morning I realised we just needed to get out of the house, and FAST!  As soon as Ayana woke from her power nap I bundled her into the car and we made for the bus depo.  I've been wanting to take Ayana on the bus for the longest time now.  I had a suspicion that she might just get a kick out of being in a big car with lots of people AND not having to be strapped into her carseat.  Turns out I was right.  We bought a day pass, squeezed the pram in between the disabled seats and Ayana flirted with the dear old ladies beside us all the way into town.  We didn't have any idea what we were going to do once we got into town and stood at the crossing for a while pondering which direction to head into.  In the end we did a huge loop and made sure to explore any strange little side streets we came by.  By the time the town clock chimed midday we were sitting under the shade of an ancient tree in Albert Park eating lunch (well I ate lunch, Ayana was more interested in licking leaves).  Let me tell you, IT FELT SO GOOD to be out, to be amongst people, to be exploring again.  I was a bit nervous once nap time came and went but for the first time ever, this little lady crashed out in her pram. So I just kept on walking and before we knew it four hours had passed.  The little Miss didn't complain once during the whole outing, I think, like me she was just bored stiff of being at home all the time.  And the best part is that we weren't home to mess up the house, so it was a lot easier to clean at the end of the day (which is why I actually have 5 minutes to sit down and post this).

The moral of the story, quit stressing so much about the silly things that don't really matter and start doing more of what we love!  I'm sure many years from now I'm not going to look back and remember the unfolded washing, I'm going to think about all those amazing adventures I took my daughter on!


  1. Wow, you made Auckland look cool in your photos! All closeups I notice =)

    1. Thanks Yo! Been hanging around Uni and never noticed all the cool buildings before.