Thursday, January 9, 2014

A DIY wedding

This morning Nic informed me that we have four weekends left until our wedding... FOUR WEEKENDS!  Okay deep breath, we can pull this off.  We have to be able to pull this off!  Throwing a wedding for a hundred guests on a budget of just $3000 is proving to be both exciting (because we have to think outside of the box) and nerve wrecking (because we have to think outside of the box!).  It requires pulling together all the contacts, outstanding favours, incredibly talented friends and guilt tripped family members that we can think of.  It requires thinking ahead (not so good at this one) and deciding what needs to be planted in the garden so that it's ready for harvesting in time, it requires trawling the internet for homemade decoration ideas, talking to the folk at our Sunday market to make sure things are locally sourced and in season, and because I'm a Virgo it requires a big scrapbook for ideas and organising!  We have a ton of friends and family arriving in the days leading up to the wedding so we're all going to knuckle down, get the set up done and have a ton of fun as we go.  Phew so with that said and done I'm off to write some urgent emails and make some coloured ribbons for the alter.
* My amazing friend Brooke drew our portrait invites. You can check out her work at Wolf Whistle Studio.

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