Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

Phew this crazy year is almost over!  Wow I'm not sure I even have words to describe 2013.  It was incredible, beautiful, exhausting, emotional, rewarding... basically any emotion that you can think of, I probably felt it!  I really dedicated the entire year to my sweet little daughter and thought of not much else.  We had our ups and downs as we adjusted to being a little family of three, but looking back now I really wouldn't change it for the world.  Having said that I'm ready for the next step now (very ready in fact) and a long list of goals for 2014. 
- Make family adventures a real focus this year.
- Make more time for Nic and I (Ooo some actually dates would be fun!)
- Remember what it was like to be a kid! Play make believe, build blanket forts, look for garden fairies, roll in the grass, eat desert for dinner.
- Generally just be grateful for this amazing little family of mine.

- Start writing and getting published again!!
- Figure out my career path (and how to juggle that with family time)
- Seriously start blogging again

- Stress less and lighten up
- Let the small things go (like water off a ducks back :))
- Be tidier, clean up after myself
- Put more effort into my personal appearance again
- Again, just be grateful for my beautiful family and this bloody great life I have!
- Start exercising again

Yup I think that just about does it.  All fairly achievable goals I think.  I love looking back at the end of the year and seeing how far (or not) I've come.  A friend told me another trick today that I definitely want to try.  You write all the things you want to let go of from the previous year onto separate strips of paper and then throw them into the fire individually.  No point in dragging the previous years baggage into the new year!

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