Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A busy Sunday...

Why is it that there will be nothing happening for weeks, or months even and BAM it's all action on one weekend!
Firstly is of course the Retro Vixens which I already mentioned ages ago, so that means I get to treat myself to an afternoon of Vintage inspired clothing, hair-do's and cupcake delights at the North Shore Hot Rod and Custom club! Then as if that is enough I'll be spending the morning trying resist temptation at The Auckland Vintage Textile Fair:
The stall holders will be selling genuine antique and vintage textiles and related items eg,1940s, 1950s dresses,hats,handbags,costume jewellery,1940s linen and embroideries, Deco aprons,buttons ,buckles and fabrics.
Sounds like a whole lot of trouble to me, especially considering how broke I am right now! I'll be sure to write all about it next week.


  1. I had seriously planned to attend the retro vixens meet up, then realising that it is on sunday - my hubby is a motor sport man so sundays are a complete right off! How frustrating! The textile fair looks great, hopefully you stumble across some amazing piece to wear this summer.Hope you do a follow up piece on retro vixens ( sigh) and happy hunting!

  2. Oh how annoying for you, did you tell him it was at a hot rod club? Surely that's motor sport enough! I'll be sure to take my camera along and take lots of pictures for you anyway.

  3. lol, I tried that angle and he mumbled something about some race somewhere! as you can see I'm really into motor sport. To his credit he did offer to go Saturday,hopefully its a good turn out and they do a repeat on it as I would love to meet all you like minded ladies.