Friday, September 11, 2009

And yet some more vintage treasures...

Just thought I'd show off some of my latest Trade Me treasures (hopefully that will be it for a while, trying to go cold turkey on my Trade Me addiction!)...

Another new (well vintage but new to me) hat.
I hardly know what to do with them all anymore!

A very cute blue Samsonite make up case.

Somehow it has already become Brooke's favourite place to sit and sleep, odd isn't it.
I won't show you the inside though because needs some serious cleaning up! Still haven't decided quite what to use it for (I'm not in the habit of traveling with make up cases quite this big).

And I am still waiting for two other items to arrive in the post...

This lovely handbag.

And this cute little cane basket which I intend to use in the bathroom as a toilet paper basket!
Okie that's all... next post will be reporting back from my adventures on Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. lol, I have a similar cane basket in my toilet to hold the paper and reading material! good finds, I tried going cold turkey but my watch list seems to grow every day!