Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A successful treasure hunt....

Ok and now for my treasures. Last weekend (or was is the weekend before that now? Anyway the Sunday after Halloween) I was feeling quite sorry for myself after celebrating but finally mustered up the strength to and get fish and chips from up the road in the afternoon. While I was waiting for my order to be ready I wandered across the road to rummage through a second hand shop that had opened recently and is usually just filled with junk... but that afternoon I got lucky!
My best find of the day was this beautiful Oroton bag which on the inside looks like it had never been used. There is one thing I am a little confused about though, on the label it says Made in West Germany yet when I google it it tells me that Oroton is an Australian label. Does anybody know how that came about? Have a got the name mixed up?

I picked up this sweet little purse for $1

I also found this one for $1 as well although I'll admit it needs a bit of a clean up.

Anyway when I got home and opened it I found it stuffed full of old cigarettes! We've figured out that they are from the 1960's, there was also an old packet of matches in there from the 'Donnie Boon golf club'. Now I don't smoke but to find these old unopened packets was still somewhat exciting. Question now is what to do with them!

Also on the same day I found a fantastic mustard coloured 1950's wall clock which I plan to hang in my kitchen after I've given it a good clean.

Then a few days ago a friend and I drove out West to go and hit all the old thrift shops out there. It ended up being mostly second hand clothing shops which were a bit of a let down but I did manage to find a pretty blue blouse as well as these pictures for my bedroom...

I'm embarrassed to say that I can't remember exactly who did this one (can't quite make out the name on the bottom) but I know that he only painted roses and that a friend has a book about his entire collection. Needless to say I was quite happy about this find and it looks perfect on my wall. The second picture is perhaps a little bit tacky but I love it all the same. I particularly love when picture frames start cracking and the paint peels.

And lastly a bought yet ANOTHER hat! I have no idea where to keep them all anymore. Any idea's? I do keep the special ones tucked away in hat boxes and others hang on the wall but I don't want them to get ruined by dust and sunlight. Anyway I just love my latest purchase. It is also made in New Zealand which I always find extra special...

Ok that's enough for the time being. I think I am going to start having to be a little more selective in what I buy because my room is going to burst at the seams soon, the problem is I fall in love with everything old and am convinced that if I don't care for it it might be lost forever!