Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A collector

For as far back as I can remember I've collected things. Sometimes I wonder whether it has to do with being a Virgo, the fact that once I start collecting something I go quite crazy and feel my life will not be complete until I own every little piece of a set. Anyway the reason I bring this up is that I spent the entire morning trying to re-arrange my room and find suitable homes from all my newly acquired bits and bobs. So I've narrowed my main collection addictions down to hats (no surprises there), scarves, handbags, old horror movies (I'm such a scaredy pants that they are the only ones I have the courage to watch), books about vintage anything and hair flowers. As a result however things are getting a little crammed (this is after trying to downsize this morning).

How does everybody else keep their treasures? Perhaps it's time for me to become a little more selective.


  1. hahah mine is in piles all over the house. sadly my husband is also a pack rat, so we are screwed. our basement is FULL UP!

  2. lovely post, I enjoy seeing how everyone displays their treasured items around the house.
    I display my hair flowers in old candy jars and old teacups

  3. Twila Jean: You're lucky to have a whole house to spread out in! Although my flatmates are fantastic I still don't feel comfortable having all my precious things around the house just in case something gets lost or damaged! Absolutely can't wait to have my own place again.
    Rosina Lee: Old candy jars is a fantastic idea! I just so happen to have a beautiful old glass one downstairs in the lounge that I was unsure what to fill with. Thank you!

  4. I'm a collector too and I'm a Gemini. Are Gemini's collectors too? I'd love to see a post just on your handbag collection, looks like you have some yummy ones!

  5. You have the most fabulous stuff! x