Monday, November 16, 2009

Tattoo's and lampshades

Late on Sunday morning we managed to drag ourselves out of bed despite the grey rainy day and headed down to the Auckland tattoo convention. Although NZ has the largest amount of tattooed people per population in the world these kind of conventions don't seem to happen very often so the turn out of both tattooists and tattoo fans was pretty amazing. The tattoo's on display ranged from absolutely stunning to extremely bad! I'm not sure why it is always the really bad ones that enter the tattoo competitions, although my boy (who is covered in really beautiful ones) pointed out that those who have nice work don't need to enter competitions to get re-assurance... good point I guess. Once again excuse the quality of the photographs, I really need to get a new camera!

There was not only machine tattooing but also Samoan hand tapped tattoo's happening. It does look quite painful but it's something I've always been curious about.

Not that you can really see but this was the only girl in the competition who really did have fantastic tattoo's, the rest seemed to be mostly busy faded out dragons etc.

Each tattoo shop had a cubical where they sat and worked constantly over the course of the weekend. My favourite tattooist Rose Hardy moved to Melbourne a couple of years ago and although she was at the event she wasn't working... so it looks like I'm going to be planning a rather expensive trip to Melbourne in the not too distant future!

On a completely different note, I passed by my favourite junk shop yesterday afternoon (I always find something to drag home from there!) and came out with quite the loot, in fact it was such a big loot that I had to catch a taxi home.

These three matching lampshades are in almost perfect condition, I have no need for so many lampshades at all but I just couldn't leave them sitting there in the shop! I also bought this old picnic hamper underneath them because it's quite big and the perfect size to hide all my sewing/ craft bits in.

Then I fell in love with these green lampshades however they need a very good clean! Does anybody know what the best way is to clean fabric lampshades? Would you use upholstery cleaner? I am quite eager to get them looking great again so that I can use them in my bedroom.

My boy found these and gave them to me as a present yesterday. I love the crazy shape and will probably use them as candle holders.

And lastly I bought yet another handbag (I've got to stop I'm out of control here!). I bought it off Trade Me so just had to hope for the best when it arrived. I do like it but unfortunately it is made out of stiff plastic which makes it look a tad tacky.
Anyway so there you have it, what Ive been up to and where I've been spending all my hard earned $ (not that any of it cost me very much).
Hope everyone is doing well.
P.S On the to-do list today... re-dye my hair, it turned out bloody awful the other day!


  1. I heard the tattoo convention was good, gutted I was too swampped in study to attend.

    For your shades you could try The cinderella "I'm gentle with your delicates" syrup or a baking soda paste - getting all martha stewart now!

    XX Rosina Lee

  2. Thank you! I've never heard of that Cinderella syrup before. I might try baking soda first, I'm terrified of ruining them!

  3. I love the lampshades you found they are all marvelous, I seem to always find lamps never any shades.

    If you really dont like the purse you could take the handle and clasp off and make a new purse with it, bet it would be adorable.


  4. Good idea with the purse, thank you!