Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why I'll never be the next Martha Stewart...

Probably my favourite cake in the whole world is a big creamy black forest cake. I've always been meaning to make one but being that I am more than a little challenged in the baking department I have always managed to talk myself out of it... until today that is. I had the day of work today and was feeling very inspired to get busy in the kitchen SO I got up extra early this morning and walked all the way to the supermarket (ok by all the way I mean about 20minutes down the road but I'm not the biggest fan of walking places so it felt like a big deal) to buy all the ingredients I needed. I finally made it back a couple of hours later (because there are a lot of antique shops on the way that I can't pass by without popping in for a quick peek) and got stuck into whipping and melting and sifting and buttering and measuring before finally getting my gooey mess into the oven. It had been in there for about 25 minutes and just starting to smell amazing when I remembered that I had an appointment at 12:30 to get my eyebrows done. The damn cake was only half cooked but what choice did I have but to pull it off and run to my appointment? Half an hour later I was back and put it back in the oven (I'm sure this is a MAJOR no no when it comes to baking anything!). Needless to say things didn't really work out how I planned, after what felt like hours I finally lost patience and dumped the cake on a cooling rack... the result: Crunchy on the outside and completely uncooked on the inside! Not good considering this was a three layered cake and I had to cut it into three even slices. Anyway here's the evidence...
Here's what the cake was supposed to look like:

So I got my ingredients (mostly the cheaper ones because I had a feeling things might go pear shaped):

Mixed everything together:

Cleaned up my mess while I was waiting for the cake to bake the first time round:

Finally took the cake out and waited for it to cool (watched Oprah in the mean time):

Prepared the icing:

Cut, creamed and cherried the layers with great difficulty (things are starting to look a whole lot less attractive):

Tried to make my sorry looking cake look more attractive my smothering it in chocolate icing and chocolate shavings which just ended up making it look like a giant donut:

Reluctantly cut the first slice:

Did the taste test:

The verdict: hmmm it was edible but certainly not amazing, and oh so rich that I'm still feeling sick from it!
So there you have it, one of the many reasons why I will probably never be an amazing housewife! At least I had fun doing it. Right now I better go because I have a head full of hair dye that I was supposed to wash out 15 minutes!


  1. I'm sure it will be a hit on friday night drinks! A dramatic hair colour change or just subtle?

  2. Ha well I just went downstairs and have seen that my flatmates have already demolished half of it so it can't be that bad. Nothing too dramatic with the hair, I haven't dyed into in a long time because I'm quite fond of my natural hair colour but I like how shiny it gets after you've coloured it... plus the dye was on sale at the supermarket! Just about to unravel the towel so we'll see what it looks like!

  3. Such gorgeous photos, and you had me fooled it looks better than theres.


  4. Ha ha oh thank you that's very sweet to say!

  5. Haha it still looks yummy to me! I'm the worst in the kitchen, I'm actually on Jenny Craig so all I have to do is microwave my meals :) EASY