Sunday, December 6, 2009

An excuse to wear a dress...

Yesterday I went to my dad's wedding. Yes I've had a lot of strange looks from saying that. I found the idea a little strange to begin with too but it actually turned out to be a beautiful day although it had a slightly stressful beginning. With a mere couples of hours before getting picked up I realised I had NOTHING to wear! The dress I had intended to wear turned out to have grown a wee bit too snug around my bottom and although I had hoped I might be able to unstitch and alter it a bit, it didn't work out as planned. So I proceeded to go through my entire wardrobe trying on every dress I had only to find that they had all grown a little snug in one way or another. So in a great panic I power walked up to my favourite local vintage shop Peachy Keen in a last ditch attempt to find something/ anything half way appropriate. I ended up walking out with an almost floor length 1920's style reproduction flapper dress which was a tad too big but better than nothing! Excuse my quick in the mirror photo shoot but I was running far too late for anything more professional looking...

And because my I know that my little sister will be reading this at some stage I'll add a photo of her too because I thought she looked adorable...

And here she is putting the finishing touches on the AMAZING wedding cake that she baked from scratch (now here's a girl that could give Martha Stewart a run for her money when it comes to baking)!

I also ended up buying a beautiful white nighty which will hopefully double as a summer dress, but I'll add a photo of that sometime later in the week when I've photographed it properly.


  1. ow yummy looking cake. you both look stunning. your hair is fabulous!

  2. Im positive i sent you a message already, but then went to look and couldnt find it!
    So I will try again!
    Im Claire and im really excited to find another kiwi vintage blogger.I am new so have very small networks.
    I live in Wellington and am coming to Auckland over xmas for a few weeks.
    Please please can you let me into a few secrets about where the best vintage buys are??
    Love your blog, its great to see the NZ focus.

  3. You both look so sweet! And the cake is incredible, love the decoration, your sis def has talent! Beware Martha. =)


  4. Both of you look FAB! I love the dress! I'm about to check out that website :) wow the cake. I'm amazed!!! Looks like it was a fabulous day x

  5. Thank you so much for your tips - both for shops ( i will try not to pillage them too much!) and for the other kiwi bloggers! GO NZ GIRLS xxx

  6. Gorgeous dress, the cut is very flattering on you.

  7. Thank you for all your sweet comments! xx