Thursday, December 10, 2009

Make over - home edition!

My house amongst other things used to be a shop. This means that I have a huge room out the front that would be just perfect for something special if only I would just get around to doing something with it! At the moment it seems to be a storage/ craft/ dumping room for anything we don't know what to do with and it's irritating the hell out of me! I would very much like to re-paint the walls, add some nice furniture and just generally make it a place that is pleasant to hang out in. I am also quite serious and excited about really beginning to start selling my vintage treasures online so it would an ideal place to store and display those type of things. Here is the sad state that the room is in now...

I like the idea of having a bright, light space where I might actually feel inspired to go and do things, especially because other areas of the house are quite dark. Here are some pictures I found of other peoples craft rooms/ studios that I thought had some nice ideas to start with...

Tofu studio

Heather Bailey

North East Corner

Well anyway you get the general idea. And I just have to show you this last picture which is actually of a dining room but I just thought it was so cute!

Jen Duncan

If anybody has any great decorating tips, knows any good websites or has any ideas about how I could store all my vintage bags/ hats/ clothes in a nice way where they won't get dusty or ruined but can still be seen then I would absolutely love to here from you.


  1. Your post is perfectly timed with my moving house ha I have decided to redecorate too haha. As much as I can I'm renting!

    I don't have any websites or ideas sorry. I'm sure you'll come up with something fabulous though. Think

  2. I rent too but we live in this crazy old house where we are allowed to paint the walls etc, it's awesome!