Thursday, February 11, 2010

And that was my holiday...

Oops I just realised that I should probably post some holiday photo's. I know that nobody is ever particularly interested in other peoples holiday snapshots but we always force others to look at them anyway and enjoy them being envious! So here are a few...

This is a vintage/ retro dress I bought years ago which I love to death. Sadly the fabric is becoming quite delicate now and I have had to get it professionally fixed up because it keeps ripping.

Just me on a bridge over a river!

My best friend Anna who is over from Germany to visit at the moment. She loves to go op-shopping as much as I do so we make a great team! She also happens to be a photographer which can come in handy!

We drove past this little house in Oamaru and I fell in love, isn't it perfect!

Yes I felt pretty silly!

Imagine my luck... I found a boy who also loves rummaging around endless second hand stores as much as I do. He was so excited to find this jacket that he never took it off again!

We drove past this amazing deco hotel which was literally in the middle of nowhere! It was saved from destruction and brought back to it's original glory by two cute old couples... of course we had to go in and have a drink just so that we could have a snoop around.

I have never seen so many beautiful old cars, buses and caravans as I did in the South Island.

This is my absolute favourite personal buy on the trip. I put the dress on and it was like it was meant to be, it is the most perfect summer dress and for $2 I really couldn't complained.

I found this slip in some old church shop in a town so small you'd miss it if you blinked, and it turns out that it fits like a second skin! I hardly want to take it off!

I bought this old bathing cap more as a joke than anything else (I think it cost me 20 cents), and then imagine my surprise when I come across a vintage vogue shoot and the model is wearing exactly the same one! It is made in Spain.

Anyway you get the idea... I had a great time!


  1. thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!

    these photos are so lovely, are they digital and edited? they look so great. love them!

  2. Thank you! I got the photo's looking like this by changing them into a Polaroid, it's really easy you just need to download it. You can check out an older post I did one it here...