Sunday, February 14, 2010

To Etsy or not to Etsy

Maybe it's laziness but I am having second thoughts about starting an Etsy store. I have the items I want to sell, I've reserved myself a shop space, I've got my paypal account, I've taken photo's on a decent quality dummy, I've even thought up a little logo... and now I'm freaking out that it's all too complicated from all the way over in New Zealand. I have been considering just selling at the markets on the weekend instead and maybe on Trade Me, but really want these treasures to go to somebody who is really going to appreciate them. I guess there are just a lot of things I hadn't considered. I have been a busy little bee all the same (these are just the photos I took to catalog what I have, hence the poor qaulity) ...


And there's so much more where that came from. What should I do?


  1. Go for it! Are Etsys fees more than Trade me or on par? On a side note, what size is the red cardy and the little cream blouses?

  2. I would go for it too. Etsy fees really aren't all that bad. Also, if you want to limit where you will ship your packages to, you can do that. For my shop, anything that has to go into anything larger than a Tyvek pack or a small box, I'll only ship within the US and Canada as the international shipping costs to send larger boxes with breakable things, are pretty outrageous and very unattractive to my customers. I like that Etsy allows a lot of freedom for the seller as far as shop rules.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Rosina: No I don't think Etsy fee's are much more than Trade Me ones, it's pretty decent actually. I will let you know about the tops asap... I am slowly wading through everything, it's so much work!
    Ms B: Thanks for the advice. I've started loading things onto Etsy now and will let you guys know all the details soon.

  4. OH my goodness - I want so much of this stuff!
    What ever you decide let me know where to find them!!
    Is this all the stuff you found on your travels? I am going to have to go on an adventure just like you!

  5. I haven't looked into accomodation or anything for beach hop yet and now I'm down Wellington it makes it more difficult… HOPEFULLY! I always love the beach hop x

    Lovely clothes I especially adore the blue and white polka dot dress

    Ooo Ooo and the pink!

    AH. Actually I can't choose I love it ALL


  6. Claire: Yup everything is from my travels. I don't think I left a second hand shop unturned when I was in the South Island... it was totally worth the trip!