Saturday, February 20, 2010

From my Grandmothers closet PART TWO...

Today I started unpacking some of the clothes that I was given by my Grandmother, so as promised quite sometime ago I photographed some to show off. Excuse the fact that they are quite creased (they have been packed away in boxes for years)...

A CHLOE dress that is bound to make a statement! I'm not sure for what occasion I might wear this to because it is so loud and busy, but I have to say that it looks quite stunning and fits me like a glove!

More 1960's PUCCI. I have a lot of blouses and skirts but my favourite pieces would have to be the little shift dresses. I just love the colours.

That's all I've gotten around to sorting through yet but there is about double that much again so when I find the time I will be sure to share the rest!


  1. OMG what treasures! you lucky thing! They are will look fab in the winter with tights and boots. The long Chloe maxi dress would look great at weddings, summer bbqs etc, I dont think NZ women wear enough print and you can easily pull this look off.

    XX Rosina Lee

  2. Hi!
    You HAVE to come next year to Art Deco - we could have a marqee at the Gatsby picnic!

  3. That's so amazing. I wish I had some of my grandmother's clothes (though none would fit me as she was tiny!)
    -Andi x