Monday, February 22, 2010

It's sooo time for a make over...

Lately I've become more than a little bit bored of my appearance. I'm seriously not joking when I say that I wear the same thing every damn day. It's always the same pair of jeans which to be honest are getting a little snug in places, it's always a t-shirt (most of which I'll admit are usually cute enough), always a pair of cheap canvas slip on's, chucks, or jandels, my hair is a mess and gets progressively worse over the course of the day, and my make up is never particularly exciting either (usually mascara, eye shadow,the tiniest bit of blush, and on a good day my trusty red lipstick). I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses anymore, I haven't bought and worn a nice pair of shoes for years, and my hair is a constant nightmare... and the thing i can't quite figure out is HOW DID THIS HAPPEN WITHOUT ME NOTICING?! It makes me feel like a total fraud because I adore vintage clothing with all my heart and yet I hardly ever wear it. Granted, Jeans and sneakers are a must for my work, but I'm not even at work that often at the moment. It has gotten to the point wearing anything other than jeans makes me feel totally self-conscious, like the whole world is starring at me, which of course is complete nonsense! And it's not like I don't own nice clothes, I DO! They sit around in my cupboard and every now and then I'll put them on and prance around my room before putting them back. Sad isn't it? The good news is that I'm pretty sure it's not too late to change (no pun intended). Reading all these fabulous blogs is certainly one thing that is inspiring me to take back my old sense of style.
- The first step will have to establish a complete jeans ban on all times except when I'm at work.
- The second will certainly be to throw out all my crappy canvas shoes and buy a pair of decent ones because after all these are the only feet I have so I might want to start looking after them!
- The third step is to browse blogs etc to find some new ideas (not that I'm looking to copy anybody elses style but I've been out of the game for over a year now so a bit of inspiration might be needed).
- Fourth step is to fix up my hair.
- The fifth step is to document my achievements here so that I have no excuses!
Sooo we'll see how it goes eh! Any tips, advice, and/ or encouragement would of course be very much appreciated!


  1. Yay!
    You go girl!
    As you know i have only been making an effort for the past 3 months, and man has it been worth it.
    I feel so much more confident and sexy.
    My advice... lipstick - ALL THE TIME!! It makes such a difference. Heels - make you kook and act like a laaaady.
    And HAVE FUN!!! Cant wait to see your looks!

  2. Oh make overs are so much fun!

    Whenever you post your clothes I get so jealous I'm sure you must have the most amazing waredrobe ever!!!

    I dress down a lot for work, sometimes I don't even wear make-up. I wear the same thing. Ahh well I do work in the corporate world so black pants and shirt are pretty mandatory. Boring job = boring look unfortunately….. Noone sees me.

    My suggestions = make-up wise: Do you wear eyeliner? You could try playing around with eyeliners. I love cats-eye in liquid eyeliner but I can't do it on myself hehe. I also like coloured eyeliner, it's not too harsh like coloured eyeshadow it's just fun and makes your eyes stand out. Blue eyeliner looks fabulous with blue eyes see Gwen Stefani
    What about different lipsticks or lipglosses. Pale pink or a nude with a bit of orange or brown (?!) a bit like looks almost natural I'm talking. Eyebrow pencil? I love strong brows.

    Why do you feel self concious about wearing your dresses?

    Shoes: oh any excuse to go shoe shopping ha do it haha INDULGE

    Hair: I really love your hair as it is! Has the 1920s fingerwave look which is my favourite I've tried to recreate that look so many times….. You could maybe add some highlights around your face? If you wanted a change.

    But then with your beautiful dark skin maybe ignore my suggestions completely. Embrace dark hair and maybe try dark lips more of a blood red or a plum colour lippy.

    Jewellery is a quick way to make yourself feel more glamourous I think. Pearls, rubies, diamonds, gold. From Diva or Equip ;-P hahaha

    I hope you find the look you're after I'll forward any blog links I stumble across that I get the feel you might enjoy


  3. *blue eyeliner on brown eyes i meant

  4. Wow we are in the same boat what a hoot. I complete hair envy as I have to set mine to get those lovely curls.Your 5 steps sound great and will make your goal more attainable, and it doesnt matter what others think or if they look ( prob in envy) as long as you feel great about yourself.

  5. I agree with the others - your hair is gorgeous as is! I'd say, makeup wise, playing around with liquid eyeliner and red lipstick is the quickest and easiest way to inject some glamour into your everyday looks - and the best part is, it won't add too much time to your routine (you don't want the effort required to implement your new look to draining, otherwise you could lose enthusiasm before you even really begin!)

  6. I'm totally feeling your pain. I get ready every day and look in the mirror, thinking "That's just not right." I love vintage, and I'm going to start looking the part, too! Good luck. :)