Thursday, February 18, 2010

The home I wish I had...

Thank you so much for all your encouragement and tips regarding my little Etsy shop Poppy Lane Vintage! I am slowly getting around to photographing everything and have put a few pieces up already but my favourite ones are all still to come. I have ended up having to work everyday this week though (at my bar) which has proven to be quite exhausting and frustrating when all I want to do is be at home getting on with my shop! I'm hoping next week will be less busy and I can power through it!
Lately more than ever I have been dreaming about having my own place, without flatmates (although mine are quite lovely), where I can have everything just as I want it without having to always worry about my precious things being damaged. Unless you buy a house (which I by no means have the funds for yet) then living alone in Auckland is WAY too expensive... especially on my miserable pay cheque! Never the less I am still dreaming and collecting bits and pieces for when the day does finally come. There are some blogger's houses who I particularly love for their retro influences...

The Freelance Fashion Blog (to be honest there is nothing about this girl that isn't incredibly inspiring, sometimes I feel myself getting quite envious!).

Welcome to DeluxeVille (her house looks so cosy, I love it!)

Johanna Ost (What can I say! This girl has a house I am completely jealous of!)

As for me, well I've slowly been collecting for the day that I will be lucky enough to have my very own place. Here are a few bits and pieces so far. Watch how the photo quality suddenly drops!

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  1. Oh I telephone seat envy!, I'm currently scouting for one to go in our dinning room. You have found some lovely pieces and I totally agree on your home inspiration