Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinking about throwing the towel in...

I'm thinking about ending this blog. I get the feeling like not too many people read it to begin with, and to be quite honest I feel funny about telling the world what I'm up to all the time... I'd much rather just look and read about what everybody else is up to! I will most definitely keep reading and commenting on everybody else's blogs but I just think my own one might be a bit of a waste of time. I have enjoyed it and I will probably start another one at some stage... who knows.


  1. HOW CAN YOU SAY THIS?! I love reading your blog, some times I dont comment because i dont know what to say/ add/ and some times you've said it all! Dont give Up Rubes'!~

  2. I think you have sun stroke! you are speaking in muddles. I love reading your updates and our cheerful banter. it's nice to know and be in contact with someone else in new zealand with similar interests, makes it more relatable. You have also began your etsy store and your style challenge which I'm sure everyone of us( including your lurkers) are going to follow with interest! Keep on blogging!!!

  3. Aww, well, I think that'd be a shame, but whatever makes you happy... if you're finding that blogging is no longer an enjoyable pasttime for you, then it's no good to force yourself - but maybe instead of quitting, just go on hiatus? Or stop forcing yourself to post an entry once a week, and do it whenever you have something you want to share.