Monday, March 1, 2010

Sorry for the false alarm

Ha ha ok ok I won't pull the plug! Sorry I had a moment of EVERYTHING IS TOO MUCH RIGHT NOW yesterday! But it's not really, I just need to find my routine again. This year is shaping up to be a year of changes (which is fantastic) but all a little overwhelming to begin with. I do love blogging and I absolutely love reading everybody elses blogs, it has been so helpful for learning new tips and tricks, and making friends of course!
As for the Etsy shop, I will probably be changing it around and only offering the items that I think are particularly stunning and special. Etsy is so huge, with so many sellers that I think you really need something special is you want to have any luck at selling. This still leaves me with a room brimming with clothes, shoes and handbags SO some friends and I (fellow vintage nuts) are going to organise a grand vintage sale and if that goes well we will have them more frequently. You see the front of my house used to be a lovely old shop so it has a big room facing out to the road that only gets used for crafting at the moment, so would be perfect for the odd clothing sale! I wanted to do it as soon as possible but a good friend who is dying to be a part of it (her father used to own an antique shop so you can imagine the treasures she has!) is going to have a baby any day now. Because of this we have decided to postpone it for a couple of months. I'll let you know though!
Oh I had my first day at the costume/ prop place yesterday and it was heaven! I got to play with clothes ALL day, especially exciting were the 1920's dresses and gowns that I got to sort through. Some of them are so delicate and precious that they wont even hire them out anymore. Fingers crossed I am also getting a job as a wardrobe assistant on Spartacus (which they start filming again in April) so that will be exciting. On top of that I am also trying to finish my very last paper at university, and slowly start house hunting. So you see life is full of adventures at the moment!
I will continue to blog about this and that so see you next post!
P.S Thank you very much for your messages.


  1. i just came across your blog and have so enjoyed looking through it!