Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beach Hop 2010...

Well the Beach Hop has come and gone for another year and like always it was very sad to have to leave. On Friday afternoon we all packed into the car and headed from Auckland to Whangamata (a usually sleepy little beach town except when the annual Beach Hop is on and over New years). I took 300 photo's so I'll try to keep my words to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking...

I tried on my t-shirt from 2 years ago but it seemed to have shrunk!

Arrived super hungry so headed straight out to grab fish and chips.

Got settled in at our cute little Bach.

Ogled at cars, all you heard from anyone all weekend was 'oh nice, wow, yeah, shit, I'd drive that one, oh check that out etc.

Caught some awesome bands play, danced a little.

Admired the bikes getting ready for their town run.

Took silly warped photo's in car reflections.

Tried to be patient as the boys photographed what felt like every single car twice over (that's what you get for going to a car show with two male photographers!)

Hung out at the beach.

Ate Pizza at this little place (we didn't only eat junk food I swear!). Oh and left a very cute little bag here by accident that I had only just bought 5 minutes earlier. The place was still closed when we left the next day so I guess that's that:(

Cheered on some friends in the Retro Beauty Pageant (you may recognise the lovely Miss Rosina Lee).

Met this keen young hot rodder.

Took a silly photo in the public toilets just to prove I was really there.

And that my dears was my weekend. I hope you all had a good one, I know I sure didn't want my one to end!


  1. Wow! great photoshopping. Those cars are so hot maybe they would inspire me to be in the nude (no, not really)
    melina bee

  2. Ha yup I know what you mean, there were some cars there that would almost inspire me into nudity as well... almost!

  3. Hehe I love photos from car reflections hehehe! I am so disappointed I couldn't make beachop this year :(

    That’s such a shame you left your bag behind! I hate that!

    Retro Beauty comp looks FABULOUS


  4. I know quite gutted about the bag! You'll have to try and make it next year, it's totally worth it!

  5. You look super cute!
    I would love to own that little kids car! :D

  6. Thank you! I know that really was one lucky kid. The car even had an engine on it so he could drive around in it!

  7. Wow the guy playing bass is a friend of mine from Australia. Such a small world. I'll have to find out if my boyfriend played that slim jim show or if he just did the aussie dates.
    I do enjoy your blog girl!

  8. Ha oh really? It freaks me out how small this world is sometimes!
    Thank you:)