Thursday, April 1, 2010

When pin curls go bad, and something naughty I really really want!

I usually have very agreeable hair. What I mean by that is that if I straighten it it stays straight (provided it doesn't rain) and if I curl it it usually stays curly (provided it's not windy)... which is why I was a little shocked by my hairs behavior yesterday morning. I had washed my hair in the evening, let it dry a little bit, put it in pin curls, covered it with a scarf (I am a very restless sleeper so if I don't do this then it's sticking up all over the place the next morning), went to bed, got up and ready in the morning, left my hair for last because I thought it wouldn't take too much effort , and then...

Awful awful photo I know but this is how unimpressed I was! I brushed and I put more product in, I swore a little but nothing I did would make it behave.

Finally, with 5 minutes to go before I had to leave for work, I forced it into submission by tying it back. This was a mission in itself because my hair is really too short for that kind of thing!
Does anybody else have these problems or is it just because I am such an amateur? And if you do have these sort of bad hair days what do you do about them? I am very keen to find out a few tricks to avoid this happening again!

Ok and secondly 'the something naughty' I really really want.
The Betony Vernon Massage Ring

It first caught my eye because I thought it was beautiful (it covers three fingers) and then I realised that it had a functional purpose too! I'll leave that functional purpose to your imagination (think about the pearl necklace) but it sounds like fun.

If you don't know of Betony Vernon then be sure to go and check her out because she is absolutely stunning, and she also happens to design the most beautiful and not to mention classy erotic jewelery I have ever seen. Her pieces are obviously WAY over my budget but I happen to have a friend who is a very talented jeweler and always cuts me a very good deal so I am going to go and talk to him and see what he can do.
Anyway it's 11am and I'm starving so I'll wish you all a Happy Easter and go and make myself some food (I'm thinking waffles, mmmm). Oh which reminds me, I will be starting a second blog very soon, something to satisfy my love affair with food and cooking. I will keep you posted though.


  1. oh! what a exquisite ring, I love the hidden function behind it. Gosh my hair has been doing this lately and I feel slightly reminiscent of Anne Frank. Trawling through the Fedora lounge I found most ladies where finishing of their sets with a pomard to settle frizz etc so I have been using Marc Daniels Custard sculpture cream from farmers, works well and smells like coconut! yum

  2. Oh great thank you for that tip! I never thought to look through the Fedora lounge but I'll go and do it right now

  3. OH. heheheheh. That's actually really clever! It's nice to see somebody working to bring back a classier form of eroticism - but then we have to deal with the unfortunate price tag that 'classy' brings!

  4. OMG can you PLEASE tell me if your friend made the 7 pearl ring? If so would he extend that deal to your blogging audience??