Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Because sometimes you just want to be comfortable...

I've been feeling a little distracted at the moment. There are so many changes looming on the horizon (all good ones I hope!) that they are starting to overwhelm me somewhat. We are in the middle of house hunting at the moment which we all know is no small tasks, I have a month to finish my thesis which I am not feeling entirely optimistic about, then I have to figure out what I am actually going to do for a job! Well those are just a few of the things keeping me awake at night at the moment, they seem quite silly when I write them down like this but all the same they lead to a new stage in my life. Anyway as a result I'm all about being comfortable at the moment. I haven't been doing any second hand shopping recently because I just haven't had the time, so its been a case of recycling what I've got. It has been surprisingly warm over the last week so I've been able to get away with wearing just a dress and a small cardigan...

I also bought some new shoes a few weeks back which have turned out to be the most comfortable little things in the world! I'm finding them almost more comfortable than my old sneakers and that's saying a lot because I am not a natural when it comes to wearing heels!

Oh and rather off topic, my new/ old camera arrived in the post yesterday! I absolutely love photographing with old black and white film and spending endless hours in the darkroom developing them myself too. My last two old manual film camera's were both stolen so I'm going to make sure I hold onto this one!

Oh and lastly I am in the middle of organising a vintage clothes swap/market day with some fellow vintage/ rockabilly enthusiasts. We are planning to hold it in the Ambassador theatre, which is a beautiful old building built in the late 1920's (it's hard to see properly in the picture but you get the idea)...

Fingers crossed it all works out, I will keep you posted though.

Ok I had better go and get started with my day. I am going to a party on the weekend where the theme is 'Out of this world' and I have to come up with a costume. I was thinking about doing something steampunk like and raid the Victorian costumes section at work!
Hope you're all well.


  1. Ahh, thesis's sound scary :/ I'm not looking forward to having to do one. Good luck with it all!

  2. Finishing the thesis was one of the hardest times in my life, stressful in every way! Good luck, soon it's over! (And warning: when I had turned in my thesis I had kind of a mental hangover for a while, but I got over it and pretty soon I had kind of forgotten most of it) :)

  3. Thanks guys! Mine is not a proper thesis because I am studying to be a translator (god only knows why!) so what i actually have to do is have 20+ pages translated from German into English in the next few weeks. I still have a LOT more work to do!