Saturday, April 17, 2010

A show (warning some of these pictures may offend some people), and getting ready to cosy up for winter...

It's not freezing cold yet but you can definitely sense winter in the air. As a result I have been finding myself slipping further and further into hibernation mode.

I'm swapping nights out for my pink fluffy dressing gown.

Swapping fish & chips on the beach for soups and hot chestnuts on the couch.

Swapping social occasions for snuggling down to Hitchcock movies in bed.

Now I'm not generally a fan of winter in the slightest, I absolutely detest being cold, BUT I do enjoy having an excuse to lounge around in bed, eat lots of hearty food, and drink endless cups of my beloved green chai tea to keep warm!

Anyway after saying that I'm enjoying not going out anymore, here's what we did last night (and again some of these photo's may offend some people, you have been warned)!...

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is not something I would ever take part in (other than to play assistant). I only have one hole in each ear and plan on it staying that way, however my boyfriend happens to be a body piercer so occasionally I find myself at events like this and do find them very interesting. As well as this I love any occasion to play dress ups, and this is definitely one such occasion!
Next blog will be back to vintage I promise!


  1. very interesting. how fun it must be to have a piercer for a bf! Your second self portrait in the mirror is darling! like maybe the best mirror camera photo ever.
    melina bee

  2. Ha ha why thank you! It was in the toilets in the club and I knew there was a line of people behind me waiting so I felt a bit silly!