Saturday, May 15, 2010

A bit of a ramble before a brief intermission

Don't you hate it when you feel like things aren't really going your way and yet you have nobody to blame for it but yourself! I'm very much feeling that way at the moment. I've sort of lost enthusiasm for everything at the moment... except maybe shopping and eating! I have stopped working on my final university paper completely, I've quit one of my jobs and am trying to find every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn't possibly work a full time job at the moment (and got rather pissy when my boyfriend commented on the fact that I had become a 'lady of leisure, but realise now that he's right), I am currently too lazy to go house hunting, too lazy (or scared) to pursue my dreams of starting my own proper little vintage shop despite having clothes, shoes, bags, furniture practically coming out of my ears, too lazy to start the food blog I have been meaning too for months now, to lazy to exercise, just simply too LAZY! Anyway I've come to realise that one of my biggest time wasters is the internet. I spent countless hours reading blogs, checking and rechecking twitter (yes I have an account but I don't actually post anything, I just use it to read other peoples comments!), and browsing Trade Me, ebay, and etsy! And it absolutely HAS to stop until I get back on track. I am going to put myself on a complete internet ban (except maybe to check emails once a day) until I have at least finished my university paper, so if you don't hear from me in a while it doesn't mean that I have necessarily dropped off the face of the planet. Does anybody else ever feel like this? And if so what do you do when you are stuck in a rut or too scared to pursue the things you really want? Or do you always grab life by the horns and go for it? I would be very curious to know!
Ok enough of the whinging. Here is one thing that never fails to cheer me up...

That's right, a delicious cream donut (yes this is the one I ate about 5 minutes ago)! I'm not at all a comfort eater, nor do I particularly have a sweet tooth however when my day isn't going the way I feel it should this is the one thing I like to treat myself to!
And while we're on the topic of food, last week my sister and I went to check out the very first Top Shop to come to NZ. Sadly we arrived to find it closed because the opening day had been such a success that they had sold out of stock and had to close up shop for a week until a new shipment arrived! Anyway we decided that since we were already in town we may as well grab a coffee and headed to a cute little cafe my sister had heard of by the water.

And in other news (sorry this is such a mish mash of stuff today)...
After having dry cracking lips for months now (and as a result not being able to wear lipstick as much as I like) I have found the magic cure. People have been telling me about how amazing this stuff is for ages now but somehow I never believed it. But they were telling the truth, it's AMAZING!

It particularly came in handy the other day when I did a little shoot for somebody entering the 'Max Factor's next great make up artist' competition. After almost 4 hours of getting my hair and make up done I ended up with red burning eyes (they're not a fan of false lashes), a blinding headache, and hair greasy with setting lotion. Having said that I think the photo's turned out great so I hope she wins! I'll be sure to post photos when I get some.
Oh and lastly here is a blog I recently found that I really quite like The Coveted.
Ok I think I've rambled on quite enough (doubtful that too many people actually read rambles like this) so I will wish you a great weekend and see you in a few weeks when I'll hopefully be fresh and full of enthusiasm.


  1. I can't even count the number of times I have tried to put myself on an internet ban. It's harder than you think when it has become such a part of your everyday life!

    Good luck with getting on top of things!

  2. I have been self employed for 18 months - I work from home making rockabilly jewellery and doing graphic design. I found it really hard at first to avoid the distraction that is the internet....the best advise I can give you is when you get up, check your emails, blogroll, etsy, ebay - give yourself 20 mins. Then switch the computer OFF. If you leave it on hibernate or sleep its too easy to 'just quickly switch back on'. Get on with some work and allow yourself to switch on again, say at 3 or 4pm. It works for me..... P.S Being self employed is simply the best thing ever. It is hard work, but soooo worth the effort. You should give the vintage shop a shot. Good luck!

  3. There are a million and one things i wish i had the courage to do, but i always come up with reasons why i shouldn't do it or why it would fail. At the beginning of this year i said enough is enough, and i was going to go for the things i wanted to try like modelling and starting a makeup course (which i haven't actually started yet, but will do soon!). I think you should go for it, as you would always regret it later on in life.

  4. Hey thank you guys SO much for your advice!
    Miss Emmi: I know what you mean! Look at me, less than 12 hours later and I've already failed my mission. The only time I find I can totally switch off is when I'm away on holiday and then I don't think twice about my internet world.
    Dolly Cool Clare: That is brilliant advice! i was just thinking this morning that maybe it's alright to go on in the morning while I'm eating my breakfast (it's not like I can distract myself with much else at that time). Also thank you very much for the self employed advice it is very encouraging. I currently have such a hoard of things waiting to be sold, my boyfriend is a photographer and has already offered his services numerous times, and I work in a costume hire shop where I am allowed to use everything and anything. It really seems like all the puzzle pieces are there, I just need to put them together! No more excuses!
    Stefanie Valentine: I think you're right, I (we) will regret these things if we don't just go and do them. By the looks of the modeling and photo's that you have already done you have made the first steps. Look forward to seeing more!

  5. Hihi! I stumbled across your blog a lil while ago, it's nice to hear about what you have been up too! I can relate to what you talk about, I have learnt to take it easy on myself when things get all meh, and just trust that it will pass. Cos it always does... Cream doughnuts certainly help.
    x Chantal (EJ's girl)

  6. Hi Chantal! Yeah you're right these things do always pass, sometimes it just gives you that little kick in the bum that you need though too. Hope everything is going great for you in Wellington (I always get slightly embarrassed when I realise people I know read my blog! silly isn't it!). You guys need to come over for dinner next time you're up.

  7. I too usually find myself only interested in shopping when not coming up with anything inspiring. And I feel bad about the it, since it's often only a waist of money and there really cannot be so many things I really need...
    Hopefully you get some enthusiasm back again soon!

    (And working on the thesis is depressing in itself, but hopefully you'll finish it at some point anyways:)

  8. Oh we all feel lazy and lose motivation sometimes... I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of your routine X