Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to business...

So I've been out of the picture for a little while, although I have to admit my 'no internet' plan failed miserably. Turns out I just can't live without it! There isn't a whole lot new to report... oh other than that I think I am mere days away from finishing my uni project which makes me happy beyond belief! I am sick to death of thinking about it!
This morning I took some time off from it to head out west and rummage through some second hand stores there. Most of the stuff was rubbish but I did end up coming home with a few things (most of which I am having second doubts about)...
This little jacket which I feel rather ho hum about now. I thought it might look cute with jeans but when I look at it in the photo I realise how awful the fabric really is!

This cute and simple little short sleeved knit top

A little knit shift dress with lining on the inside

A cute coffee pot (according to the label you can put it over a flame, not sure I want to test it though so I might use it for juice or something in summer)

And from Trade Me I recently won two pairs of stockings. One pair is still sealed in its package and the other has been opened but never worn. Sadly I didn't think to ask about sizes and these are a small so there is no way my impossibly long legs are going to fit them.

One thing I am dying to get my hands on however are some high waisted pants. A similar style to the ones worn by Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn,

I found these ones at Vivien of Holloway which I love but I am reluctant to buy them on without being able to try them on first in case they don't suit me at all!

What do you think? Can anyone suggest anywhere else that sells these sort of trousers?

On a different note, tonight I am off to go see a blues/ rockabilly band play that I heard at a party on the weekend. They were absolutely fantastic and it has been a long time since I've seen a band get the whole party up and dancing wildly! Oh and drinks were served in jam jars, what a great alternative to plastic or paper cups! And what I am even more excited about is the fact that Wanda Jackson is coming to town and will be playing at a bar that is literally a 5 minute walk from my house!! As far as I'm concerned she really is the queen of rockabilly, and she hasn't been to NZ since the 1970's.

Phew, well for what was supposed to be a quick post this has turned out to be quite long so I'll wrap things up now. Hope everybody is great.


  1. welcome back! the jacket has potential it could freashen up with a steam and you could change the ribbon to a contrasting colour. Ironically enough I'm searching for high waisted pants and have put an oredr in with Shona from Heywake clothing, she is NZ'er living in the uk and called me from the uk to confirm the order and payment and how they will be shipped. She also has a large selection of colours to choose from.

  2. Oh really? Great thank you for the tip! I will go and check that out right now (more procrastination on the study front!)

  3. Target and Cue often get in high waisted paints... though buying cue brand new would be super expensive :/

  4. If anywhere sells Dickies mens workpants down there, you could go try some of those on. They fit women high waisted and will give you an idea of the wide legs. I quite like them for vintage styles, good WWII workwear look for cheap.

  5. Thanks for the advice.
    Miss Emmi: Cue is a good idea but yes I would have to save up a little bit or wait until they have a sale. Unfortunately we don't get Target in New Zealand which is a shame because judging by other peoples blogs they have a lot of cool cheap stuff!
    Rueby: I actually hadn't even considered Dickies! I always associate them with the nineties when girls and boys alike would wear them half way down their bums! I'll see what I can find though.

  6. Welcome back! I think the shortsleeved top at least wasn't a too bad choise :) I'm looking for something similar right now myself...