Thursday, May 27, 2010

A box full of memories

Some of my favourite blog posts from other people over the years have been those that contain snippets of letters or diary entries from peoples grandparents and relatives. I love to imagine what their lives must have been like and am surprised that despite some obvious circumstances (mainly the war), they weren't all that different from our own. I also recently talked to a workmate who had to help his grandfather move house and had discovered that he had carefully filed every letter and note he had ever received. I thought that this would be such an amazing gift to pass onto your grandchildren etc, that it was really worth starting a memory box or scrapbook. I know I used to keep everything when I was younger but over the years they just got lost. Because diaries are now kept via blogs on the internet and letters are usually emails we don't really have much to treasure anymore. Unfortunately from what I've been able to find, most of the memory boxes available are hideous and tacky, however I then I remembered that I had an old wooden wine case tucked in my wardrobe...

It currently has my old photography gear in it but I'm sure I could find a new home for that. Then all I have to do is paint it nicely, and there I'd have my memory box to fill! Oh I can't wait until I have the time to start working on all these projects! The spare room in my house is starting to be piled high with furniture I want to restore, clothes I want to sell, things I want to write about. *Sigh* not long now!


  1. In my work I deal a lot with old letters among other things, and I can't tell you what a treasure it is when someone made a good working filing them (or any similar materials)...

  2. I have a similar black box with memories, old diaries and stuff - so great to keep