Saturday, August 14, 2010

Busy busy

Phew the last week has been a little bit crazy!  I have been busy moving house and it led me to realise what a hoarder I really am.  Every drawer, box, cupboard and suitcase seemed to contain more hats, bags, clothes, shoes... it was so overwhelming that it almost had me in tears a couple of times!  Anyway the majority of my vintage collection (the bits that I am planning on selling) are now at my mum's place until I hire a storage space to keep them in.  The past few days have been spent cleaning, cleaning, cleaning because I have moved into my boyfriends place which has been somewhat of a bachelor pad so it needs quite a bit of work!  Luckily I am a Virgo which means that I love to clean!  Oh I do get to live with this adorable little man now though (he's a 12 year old Stafi who can charm his way out of anything!). 

Anyway I'll let you know how I go with turning this house into something awesome, if definitely had potential!
Oh speaking of home improvements, I found the most adorable cupboard door knobs today.

I probably shouldn't have bought them but look at them, don't you just want to eat one!  I have a pale green cupboard that I put a lot of effort into restoring to its former glory and I think these knobs are just going to look perfect on it!
Okay sorry that this post is all over the place but while I'm at it I just wanted to let all of you New Zealand kids know of a few exciting events that are coming up again...
- This coming Thursday (19th August) there is a Vintage clothing/ fabric market from 6-9pm at the Coatsville town hall and I am going to have my very first stall there!
- Then on October 9th the next Retro Vixens day is happening again at the North shore Rod and Custom club.  It's going to be bigger and better than last year and I will be setting up a stall there as well.
- And what I am most excited about is the annual Vintage Fabric Fair.  I went for the first time last year and it was AMAZING!  Vintage sellers from all over the country and Australia as well come and sell all sorts of treasures.  It's a pretty intense experience due to the amount of people that pack into the place but trust me when I tell you you DON'T want to miss this!!
Okie that's all from me for now, time to go and sort out and price everything for the Thursday night market.


  1. Those door knobs are to die for! Fantastic! And good luck with your new home!

  2. Just letting you know, I nominated you for a “Hidden Gem Award” :) There is an icon you can put on the side of your blog if you want.