Thursday, August 19, 2010

To market, to market

Hello hello, just a quick post this morning to report back on my first market stall.
Last night a friend and I set up shop at a Vintage textile market out in the middle of nowhere.  The whole event wasn't really a raging success and there ended up only being about 7 or 8 stalls, not to mention the fact that it was held on a Thursday evening out in the country!  That aside however I was extremely pleased at the amount I sold and the positive feedback I received.  I made more money in 3 hours than I usually do at a whole day at work!  And everybody loved my stuff so much that I have been booked for four other big festivals and markets already.  Doing this type of work is my absolute dream so I am just on cloud nine right now!  Sorry I did try to take photos but they didn't turn out very well and for some reason Blogger uploads photos but then I can't see them on my screen and am told by other the they are absolutely huge!  Very annoying!
Oh and I had a question.  The other day I came across this skirt which as far as I can tell is brand new and fits me like a glove... but it is very strange in the way you wear it!  I think it might be some sort of uniform but I'm not sure what for.  Has anybody come across something like this before or know what it's for? (Please excuse the fact that I haven't ironed it yet!)

Anyway like I said, just a quick post!  It's raining and cold and generally miserable here today and it doesn't make me feel very enthusiastic about anything except hot tea and a warm heater!


  1. Its a pregnancy skirt. Before elastic panels and stretch fabrics came in in the late 60s, skirts would be open with ties like this so it would be adjustable over the bump. Also why pregnancy tops of the time were very tent like; to cover the "hole" left by the ties and because of the lack of stretch fabrics. This one looks like it would be wearable with a nicer fitting top though as it has a panel to cover which they didn't always have :)
    Handy to wear now, and handy to keep for a day in the future!!

  2. Oh wow I would never have thought of that! Thank you!

  3. That was some cool information, I have never seen a skirt like that.
    I gave you, btw, a blog award, so check it out ;)