Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A birthday, a market, an awesome garage sale, a lucky find

 Last Friday yours truly turned a whole 28 years old!

I usually keep my birthday very low key and am funny about celebrating it with a lot of people... so when I daringly went out for dinner it was kind of a big deal!
Despite the food being amazing the rest of the experience was pretty terrible.  Half way through our meal we got moved to another table which was right by the door, so every time somebody came into the restaurant we got blasted with cold air (it was hailing outside!), then half my sisters food didn't show up, and then they ended up burning a hole in my dress with this bizarre thing...

  Ah well I still had a fantastic day and my sister baked me an amazing cake (followed by whiskey in tea cups)!

On Sunday morning I got up at 6am (eek) to set up stall at a local market that is held once a month...

I got up at 6am again and headed to a garage sale half way across town.  Funnily enough I bump into the friend who i do the markets with.  We both headed there without telling the other person which was very naughty of both of us!  We have very different taste and style so we can usually go treasure hunting without worrying too much about having to fight over items!  Here are some of the pieces I found this week...

Anyway I found so so much more, in fact I've had to slow it down a bit because I hardly have a place to store anything anymore! All I can say is that selling this vintage/ retro clothing has made me more happy than I have ever been in a job.  I am seriously considering opening a shop in the near future.

Sometimes when you're hitting the second hand shops all day you just get lucky!  This week I was in an old op shop with my sister and what's hanging there on the rack... a very sweet little Armani crop jacket!

The photo doesn't do it justice but trust me it's great AND it fits me like a glove... and best of all it only cost me $12!
I also went to a jumble shop the other day (you know where there are just bins full of clothing and everything smells like pee) and I found this little floral scarf.  It wasn't until I got home and looked at it that I noticed it was Oscar De La Renta!  Not bad  considering it cost me a whole 10cents!

Anyway there you go that's what I have been up to lately.  Still house sitting on the farm... 10 days to go!  I've really enjoyed my time here but I am definitely starting to look forward to getting back to my own house, my boyfriend, my things, and generally getting on with my life again!
Hope you're all good.


  1. I normally comment on clothes... but I love the chunky wood-fired teapot in the first image!

  2. Thank you! My mum made it, she's an amazing potter.

  3. Well, happy belated birthday it is!
    And I must say you found some really good looking pieces!

  4. wow, what a day - perfect clothes, yummy cake and sweet love, what more can you want