Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A day in the life of...

For three and a half weeks I am house sitting on my mum's farm while she is off in Europe for a conference. I thought this might be an interesting time to do a 'a day in the life of' because my daily life is currently quite different from the one I would normally have when I'm living in the city.  There are so many chores that need to be done everyday that it is pretty much a full time job, but to be honest I don't think I have ever been happier.  It is such a nice feeling to go to bed at night knowing everything is done, and everybody is happy and looked after.

Most mornings I get woken up by Madame Carla who is whining in the kitchen because she has to go to the toilet, wants breakfast, and is in general need of attention!

Then before I do anything else I drink my HUGE cup of Chai green tea... and check up on things online.

 Then we head up the driveway to get the morning paper, water the baby plants in the glass house and check on the garden (isn't the plum tree stunning right now!)

Then I head back to the house for breakfast (Spanish omelet with vege sausages as a special treat!)

I head out for a couple of hours to run some errands and do my weekly check in on the local second hand shops in the area.

Pick my skirt up from the seamstress after getting it taken up a bit.  I found it in a second hand shop the other day and fell in love with it (100% wool, made in Paris) but it came almost down to my ankles so I had it taken up to just below my knee's.

 Lunchtime!  Followed by cake of course (the only thing better than an Opera slice is a Blackforest cake with extra cherries!)

Feed these lovely ladies.

In exchange for kitchen scraps and chicken feed they lay us more fresh eggs than we possibly know what to do with at the moment.

 Take Carla for her daily walk.  I sure am getting fit walking up and down this hill everyday!

 Our favourite place to go is right down to the bottom of the property where there is this beautiful stream.

My gumboots have become my temporary best friend out here because it is SO wet at the moment.

Admire all the blossoms along the way.  Today is supposed to be the first day of spring and that makes me very happy because it means we are that much closer to SUMMER!

 Check on the pool and make sure it isn't over flowing with all this rain we've had.

Sort through the masses of vintage items I have lined up for this weekends market (I am super excited about it)

And lastly I get the firewood in because it is still freezing here in the evenings.

Anyway now I am sitting in front of the fire waiting for my dinner to arrive (lovely boyfriend bringing takeaways because i am too lazy to cook tonight).  So how do your days go?  I always love it when people post about their daily routines.
P.S oh by the way please let me know if the pictures do weird things in this post.  They are uploading funny and apparently last time some of them appeared HUGE on the page but i couldn't see it.


  1. You're right some of the pictures are acting weirdly, very big and some of them are here twice or even more times...
    We're having the first day of official autumn here today, and one can feel it, too :)

  2. Yeah, they are definitely doing weird things! Maybe you can look at your blog on the family computer, which might show what's going on?

    Your little sister (but not the littlest one!)

  3. Also that stream is one of my favourite places too, it's so amazing down there! We should do a photo shoot there when it's not so muddy (now that I've had model training and all haha!).

    Me again

  4. Aww how lovely to have a break away! I'd love to live on a farm.. just not too far from the city... I also love to live by the beach. I'm fussy ;-P

    I want chickens it must be good for the soul to have a break from stressful paperwork and crap like that and get back to basics. Love house sitting. x