Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh life...

Somehow life has been keeping me awfully busy lately.  I am currently not even working full time and yet I'm up and at it by 8am every morning and don't stop until I fall into bed every night.  It's actually a great feeling to be so occupied but I can't help but wonder whether somebody is tampering with time because my days can't possibly be going this quickly! 
So spring is slowly pushing winter away and I couldn't be happier about it!  Even though we've only had a few really nice days of sunshine it still makes the cold rainy ones so much more bearable.

A fair bit of my effort has been going into collecting, sorting, washing items for my market stall.  I am now a regular at a wee little market called Supermarket.  Supermarket is actually held in a bar called Cassette Number Nine every Saturday afternoon.  That may seem like a strange venue but to be honest it is quite pleasant, especially because all stall holders get free beer and coffee all day!

Last weekend we had our stall next to the sweetest family (the mother kept us all happy with delicious cupcakes).  Anyway they were selling these adorable cards so I just had to end up buying a few...

Aren't they great?  You can check out their blog here at Elk.

Oh just a quick reminder to anybody in Auckland (or near by) that Retro Vixens 2 is on this weekend!  It's an afternoon/ evening of rockabilly bands, retro and vintage clothing, rockabilly clothing, sweet hot rods and vintage cars, cupcakes and beer!  Oh and of course yours truly will have a stall there too so pop by and say hi.
Right I'm about to fall off my chair I'm so tired so I'd better head off to bed.  Hope you are all well and I promise I am really going to do my best to start blogging more regularly again.


  1. looks so nice - wish I could come to auckland to visit!

  2. You should come to New Zealand! Granted its a little far away from where you are but I promise it's well worth the trip :)