Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The weekend that was...

Phew I certainly had myself a busy little weekend. Saturday was filled with pin up beauties, greasers, hot rods, rockabilly bands and more cupcakes then I should admit to!  I had a little stall at the Retro Vixens 2 event as well which was fun.  Unfortunately I didn't get many photos and the ones I did have were from before people really started arriving, but you get the idea...

Then in the evening we headed to a bar called The Thirsty Dog listen to some bands play.  My favourite New Zealand rockabilly band Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers played, as did this awesome band I had never heard of before called Slow Water Forty.  I hadn't been out to see bands play in a really long time so although I was tired and my feet were killing me from wearing heels all day I still had a great time. 

Then on Sunday we got up early and went to our regular cafe for breakfast before rushing home to get ready for a wedding.  This wasn't quite your regular wedding because although it was held in a big old church and the ceremony itself wasn't anything unusual... the guests were!  The theme for this wedding was Gothic Royalty.  Everybody who attended dressed the part and it sure made for an amazing contrast to have this big old church filled with guests who looked they were dressed for a spectacular funeral but were in fact there to cheer the bride and groom on.

 We ended up having such a fantastic afternoon and I met some really great people.  Oh and they had the clever idea of installing a photo booth in the actual church so that all the guests could go and have their picture taken and then write a note to the bride and groom on the back... and we got to keep a copy too (yeah we were being a little bit silly, we'll blame the champagne!).

Well other than that life just seems to keep getting more exciting at the moment.  I have so many things planned that I hardly know where to begin!  I will keep you posted though because I think they are things that might just interest you.
Hope you all had a good week.


  1. The bride was a goth ha ha ha excellent idea !

  2. That's a really great idea! And you look great in those pics.
    And you, btw, always seem to have so many great events over there...

  3. Well the bride was actually the only one not wearing black... she had a beautiful rose coloured dress on.

    Ina - Really? I always feel like there is nothing ever going on here at the end of the world! We just seem to make our own fun most of the time.

  4. looks so much fun - you should have taken more pics!

  5. We had hoped to come up to retro vixens but well the weekend disapeared in us. Looks great though and prob best on my purse that we did miss it :p.
    What a great theme for a wedding, a nice change from the traditional.

    XX Rosina Lee