Thursday, October 21, 2010

The mother of all vintage scores

Hello my dears, I don't mean to gloat but I had a really really good week as far as treasure hunting goes and I'm so excited to share with you.  I now have in my possession over 100 of the most stunning vintage hats I have ever laid eyes on.  These stunners range over at least 4 decades and include everything from fancy going out hats to fur hats, beach hats, winter hats, huge wide brimmed hats and some other interests numbers that I can't even categorize.  To accompany them are also loads of scarves and beautiful gloves.  A large portion of them all came from one person.  The woman I picked them up from said they used to belong to her friends mother and they had recently found them packed away in a box.  I can't help but wish I could have met this woman because she must have been quite something to have a collection like this.  The second set arrived in a huge box this morning and was also filled with all sorts of hats, gloves, scarves, and bags.  Anyway enough talking, here are a few photos of some of my favourites.  I apologise for the terrible photos, I just haven't had time to take good ones yet.


So you see it's like all my Christmas's came at once.  This isn't even a fraction of what I have and the good news is that it has finally prompted me to start my online store properly so YOU can get your pretty hands on these treasure too!  After all it would be selfish for me to keep them all for myself and quite frankly I'm a little bit stumped as to where to put them all!  I have always been reluctant to start an online store because I thought postage was so horrendously expensive from New Zealand to the rest of the world but it's not actually as bad as I thought.  I plan to leave my job after Christmas anyway (terrifying because I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with myself) but at least I will have a lot of time to focus on the shop.  I have another very cool little find to show you but I might save it for the next post because I hear that people have a short attention span when reading blogs so I'm trying not to drag it out too much! BUT I do want to show you just one other item I found the other day and LOVE...
It is made from Angora so it's super soft, has a beautiful lining in it and all the beading and everything has been hand sewn.  Sadly it is a tad bit small for me so I guess my lose will be another person gain.
Anyway will be sure to keep you updated.
P.S Blogger is STILL being silly and won't let me post some photos or others end up huge but I can't see it on my screen, so please let me know if this has happened in this post so I can fix it.


  1. ohhh what great vintage karma! I have hat envy how delightful!

  2. so cool! Can't wait until you open the shop!

  3. My goodness those are some fantastic hats! I'm absolutely in love with the first one.