Saturday, November 27, 2010

The treasure hunter

Wow today summer has really kicked in and I couldn't be happier!  I'm not made for cold soggy weather so when the sun comes out I feel like I'm coming back to life!  I took a few days off this week just to relax and do two of my favourite things... eat good food and hang out with my two favourite guys in the whole world!

I also got some great little scores this week which I am quite chuffed about.  here are my favourites of the week (please excuse the fact that nothing has been ironed yet)...
A bizarre little 1960's handmade dress with a little J stitched into the back.
The most fantastic little blue hat that came complete with the original tissue paper to keep it in shape. 
A plastic woven bag that would be fantastic for the beach.

This beautiful raw silk 1950's dress.
A 70's sift dress with so many cute buttons down the front.
I love the buttons on this skirt, I'm sure that once it as been ironed it will look even more amazing.

This is by far my favourite find of the week, in fact I think I may just hold onto it.  I can't quite tell whether it is from the 50's or 60's.

Well this isn't a summer coat that's for sure, but I think it's beautiful all the same.

Then on our way home from a sale on Saturday we stopped by a garage sale where I picked up this sweetie for $1.  It matches my table cloth perfectly so I just had to get it!

Oh and lastly because summer is nearly here I decided it was time to treat myself to a new bikini.  It's not vintage... but it's sort of vintage inspired and that mint green makes me look like I already have an incredible tan!

Right well I better go and make dinner (falafel, salad, and apple cider).


  1. Wow! I can't choose a favourite from those things, everything is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. those are all so lovely! I just gave you an award on my blog those were very good years :D

  3. Great finds, a good week for thrifting karma.
    Rosina Lee

  4. Nice finds, cute bikini, delicious looking treats and cut pic of your favorite guys :)

  5. Oooh I saw that bikini today, and was all set to try it on until I remembered you told me about buying something that sounded exactly like it. Sometimes it's not fair that we have the same tastes hehe!
    Little Sister

  6. Thanks guys:)
    Oh and Time Lark, thank you very much for the blog award!

  7. Nice duds! You're lucky, it's the very bowels of winter where I am, and not only is it hard to get up early enough in the morning to make cute wardrobe choices but its cccccold!!! I changed my mind, I want summer back ; )