Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's in a name...

Boy oh boy it's been another busy weekend.  Friday I set up shop at the (now monthly) travelling vintage market and had my most successful day of sales yet.  Friday night I was in hospital with a suspected inflamed appendix (turns out it wasn't).  I did get these stunning flowers to cheer me up though... and they did!

Saturday morning it was up early after hardly any sleep to attend a huge hospice clothing sale.  It ended up being completely worth it with tables as far as the eye could see piled high with clothes to rummage through.  Oh and it was $5 per rubbish sack you could fill!  After that we headed to a church sale where I scored an adorable hat and a great cane side table.

 Then as if that wasn't enough for one weekend, Sunday morning we headed to the Retro fair down the road from my sisters house.  There were some great things there but I didn't end up buying anything.  Somehow going to a retro sale where somebody else has already done the treasure hunting for you just isn't as appealing anymore.    The venue was also a little strange because there was a Samoan church service going on up stairs so every now and then everybody broke into song!  My absolute favourite buy of the week however was this batik dress that I bought off Trade Me.  It fits me like a glove (except after a big dinner which can cause the middle button to pop open sometimes!).

In other news...
I had thought of a name for my shop but after trying it our for a few days I'm not so convinced, what do you think? (please excuse the fact that I am totally photoshop challenged).
The more I thought about the name, the more I wondered whether it sounded like it belonged to a porn star!  My idea was that I wanted a name that sounded like a character out of an old Enid Blyton book or something.  There is a huge fair at the park next to my house next weekend and I thought that would be a great opportunity to have a vintage/ retro garage sale so I really really want to have a name/ blog/ and at least the skeletons of an online shop set up by then.  If you're interested in the sale you can contact me for more details via facebook.
Other than that summer is on its way which is making me incredibly happy.  This is from the big market I worked last weekend in Mission Bay where the weather couldn't have been more perfect!



  1. Hi mate
    I have just discovered an awsome free website host/ website design - called weebly. I have made myself a little website and it looks awesome.
    Thought you might want to check it out if you are thinking of making a website- its the best one I have seen yet, easy to make, design and add products to.
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  2. The hat is incredible.

    Lottie is very Famous Five, Luxe less so. I like the name, but if you are going for an Enid Blyton vibe the second name maybe needs to be a bit more 'English'?

  3. Glad to hear you set up a shop and found a name! But I hope you are feeling better from landing up in hospital! :( xxxx

  4. I like the sound it though I agree when I hear Lottie Luxe I think " great cutsey cheese cake burlesque name" ( maybe you have a stage name in the making:)
    Little Lottie Vintage?
    XX Have a fab day
    P.s Adooore the hat, maybe I should hire you as my personal hat shopper.

  5. Thank for your feedback guys!
    Claire: I briefly checked out your website yesterday but will have a proper look later today, it looks great!
    Penny dreadful: You're absolutely right, I guess I was more thinking Enid Blyton with a twist! Lottie is the name of a character of one of my favourite childhood stories (which is actually a German translation of a Swedish story so I don;t know the title in English).
    LifeInLargePrint: Thank you I am feeling better, I think I was just way too stressed out and it was my bodies way of telling me to take it easy for a few days!
    Rosina Lee: Ha ha you're right that is very burlesque like isn't it! I will definitely think about Little Lottie Vintage, thanks! Oh and yes I could be a personal hat shopper couldn't I! I seem to attract them some how. It's a shame you're not up in Auckland this weekend because I am putting almost all my hats out for sale!

  6. Really, are there any in particular you think I would like? I can pm you my email and you could send some pics and prices. I'm happy to deposit straight into your account, same goes for clothing etc
    XX Melanie

  7. Second stop at this post and I'm still loving that batik dress, it's incredible, what a find. Glad your visit to hospital was nothing serious.

    P.s. I've left you an award at my blog. Stop over and see

  8. Awww thank you ginger! I love the name for your blog by the way. x