Friday, December 10, 2010

Any given Saturday

Every second Saturday I get up at 6:30am and drive half way across town to get to a Hospice garage sale.  It's sort of a weird drive because you first head through the part of town with some of the most expensive real estate in the country... only to then find yourself in a creepy industrial area lined with warehouses.

But step inside the usually abandoned warehouse and the hours fly by as you dig for treasures!

I actually hardly ever visit second hand stores anymore because I find everything I need here!  Today wasn't as good as usual but there were a lot more people due to Christmas.  A lot of pacific island people come here to buy clothes to take back to their families who rely on them as there aren't any clothing stores on many of the islands.  Luckily we are usually looking for different things!  Here is the best of what I did manage to dig out today though;
A 70's lavender dress with lots of buttons!
A maroon blazer
A plain but cute 100%silk scarf
A yellow 70's blouse

A 1960's woolen suit made in England. It's hard to tell but the jacket buttons are actually big cream flowers.


  1. Ooooh can you take me when I'm in Auckland sometime?

  2. Absolutely! But I warn you it requires getting up very early... and sifting through a lot of disgusting old clothes to get to the good ones!

  3. Amazing! Where abouts in Auckland is it?