Monday, December 6, 2010

Th Challenge

Occasionally I get these random urges to go to the mall and buy all sorts of crap I don't need (and in hindsight don't want).  I come home with bags of items that I think for a second are going to change my life and turn me into a new person... sad I know!  Well the other day after finishing work early I had one of those fateful urges.  In fact in the last week and a half I think I have blown about $400 at the mall and have been left SO disappointed.  For example my new black jeans (on sale mind you) cost me $70, I have washed them once and now the stitching is coming undone on the inside leg... sorry no refund, they were on sale!  Decided that for once I was going to splurge on a new pair of shoes and not go for my usual cheapo canvas ones. Spend $170 plus get talked into buying some weird grips to go on the soles so I don't 'slip over'.  Get home only to realise there is a big gap on the side of one shoe, return it and complain... sorry no refund but we will send you the same shoe again.  I could honestly go on and on but what's the point right?  We live in such a disposable society these days and are taught from the word dot that we want quantity over quality, well I'm fed up with it.  Vintage and pre-loved clothing is already taking over my wardrobe but i never really appreciated it as much as I think I do now.  The quality of fabric, the amazing cut, the attention to detail, it all makes you feel amazing when you are wearing these pieces.  So I have to decided to challenge myself not to buy a single new item of clothing for the next six months (with the exception of underwear).  I aim to have a big clean out of my wardrobe and get rid of everything I never wear anyway (you would be surprised how much of it still has price tags on it) and from this day forth re-fill my wardrobe with only vintage and second hand clothing.  Although I can work my way around a sewing machine I am by no means an expert and am always terrified I'll ruin one of my special treasures so with the money I make from selling my unwanted clothes I plan to use to get the amazing pieces I find professionally tailored.  I'm sure I will still end up saving an astonishing amount of money and have the wardrobe I always dreamed of!  Here is another take on this kind of challenge.  This lady has now finished her 'a dress a day' challenge in which she gave herself $365 and had to wear a different outfit every day of the year.  She did have the advantage of being an amazing seamstress but it's the idea that lay behind it that really counts.  You can check her out here.

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  1. Wow, goodluck with this!!


    P.s. You should be entitled to at least a replacement on the jeans, I would go back again and complain/talk to the store manager, because the garment is faulty.