Friday, December 31, 2010

Helloooo 2011!

I have such a good feeling about 2011 that I couldn't wait to jump out of bed this morning and make the most of the first day!  We ended up having a very low key New Years eve.  After cooking a nice dinner we got straight back into packing boxes and listing things to sell on Trade Me (whilst drinking a bottle of wine of course).  Then shortly before midnight we wandered half way into town to stand on a big bridge and watch a very impressive firework display off the sky tower.  At the stroke of midnight everybody on the motorway stopped and got out of their cars to watch!  That sure was a weird sight!  After that we took the long way home to wander through town and watch all the drunk people stumbling about (made us feel pretty thankful that it wasn't us!) and then off home to bed.  Unfortunately silly me forgot to put the card back in my camera so ended up with no photo's at all.  What did you all do for New Years?

Oh and on a different note, I picked up a new mannequin yesterday afternoon that I am very pleased with!  I bought it from a guy who actually makes them by hand in his garage.  It even came with hand drawn instructions on how to assemble it!

Here are some of my new finds for the day, can you spot my new model?...

I hope you all have a fantastic and safe new year!


  1. Happy new year! I would love to have a mannequin but there's no space for that in my home right now...