Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moving again *sigh*

It has been less than six months since I moved house last and yet here we go again!  Quite frankly I'm not sure why I even bother unpacking in the first place!  I hated this place right from the first time I glanced through the front door.  The ceiling in the kitchen is quite literally tapped up with masking tape in one corner, the bathroom sink is on such a crazy slant now because the floor is rotting and it's sinking, I'm pretty sure that the old 70's carpet is only still being held together with dirt (despite my best efforts to clean it), the walls need re-painting, and no matter how much you try to clean this place still looks filthy!  I take great pride in the places I live so moving in here was pretty much my WORST nightmare!  But ahhh the things we do for love eh (and I knew it was only temporary... just didn't realise it would be this temporary).  The landlord recently came back from overseas and told us he needed his house back and we had 4 weeks to move out (secretly I was jumping for joy), but then came the stress of finding a new house and trying to do so with a dog.  Anyway as fate would have it a house became available, we don't have to pay rent there, it has a stunning garden, and is five minutes from the beach.  Goodbye city, hello country life again!
The only thing I am not happy about is having to pack again...

My ladies all wrapped up and ready to go.

A huge box of items I am currently selling on Trade Me

Several large boxes of things to take to the City Mission.

Packing up the kitchen (can you see my reflection in the glass?).

Sorting through the lounge.

Emptying the book shelves.

The sinking sink (see the angle that it is on down the bottom!)

A very worried little dog.  He is an old man now and like most old people he hates change, and is very worried he might get left behind!

Anyway I am totally procrastinating here so I better get back to it.


  1. My dog hates moving, too. Hopefully the new house will work out better for you!

  2. Good luck with the move the new place sounds lovely-close to the beach. Happy new year from Norway!