Friday, December 3, 2010

Planning and scheming...

My goodness who ever would have thought that starting a new website/ blog, creating a new Etsy page, setting up twitter, and trying to organise Facebook could be so frustrating and time consuming! It doesn't help that I know very little about computers and have to google ever little step to figure out how to do it.  BUT I think I'm slowly getting there.  Oh and I have a name I am finally happy with!  It is miles different from my other one but I like how this name rolls off the tongue.  Dashfield Vintage is the name of my little shop AND my new blog site which you can find  at  I only just started setting it up this morning so it is still very much under construction but it will be the place to keep an eye on!  You can also follow me on twitter now (I swore for so long that I would have nothing to do with it but it seems that it's the place to be these days).  And the Etsy shop will come into full effect in a few weeks time.  I have taken a break form the markets over the last couple of weeks so I have treasures piling up like you wouldn't believe and I can't wait to share them with you! I'm undecided as of yet whether I will keep this blog running.  I have always felt that it was a little bit messy and all over the place, so I may end up start fresh on the other one.  We'll see how it goes though, I will certainly keep you posted.
Other than that I am still working a lot, actually work is driving me crazy and I really don't enjoy it anymore.  Unfortunately that means that I come home most days in a stinking bad mood which makes me feel really sorry for everybody around me.  On the bright side however the weather has been AMAZING, we have been having these almost tropical evenings so I've started going for a walk through town or to the park everyday after dinner and it's amazing how much better I feel afterwards.

Karangahape Rd
View from Mt Eden (a volcano that lies smack in the middle of the city)
Okay that's all.  Just thought I would update you on what has been going. on.

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