Sunday, January 16, 2011

From my grandmothers linen closet...

When it came to craft my grandmother was the queen!  I mean there was nothing this lady couldn't do.  She had her own sheep from which she would collect the wool, spin it, dye it and knit it into beautiful jumpers and blankets.  She also had a giant loom set up where she would make rugs and carpets.  She sewed most of her own clothing in later years and she would embroider her own table cloths. This afternoon while I was sorting out a cupboard at my mums house I found bags upon bags beautiful brightly coloured linens that were once hers.



  1. It's so great that so much has been saved!

  2. I know, I never really realised how lucky I was! When I go to Germany in July I will go and visit the old family house and see what other treasures I can find.