Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retro Junction

This weekend I will be getting up at the crack of dawn in order to set up shop at the Kumeu Hot Rod Show.  Aside from the early start time I am pretty excited because I have been wanting to go to this car show for years but am always out of town for some reason or another.  We have a little corner of the show all to ourselves called the Retro Junction with a bunch of other lovely ladies selling everything from rockabilly clothing to pin up hair do's.  Rockabilly music, vintage cars, lovely pin ups, vintage clothing... what more could a gal want!

Okay because my posts just don't seem complete without me showing off some new clothes I'll just throw a couple in at the end here.  These two jacket almost having me wishing it was winter again (and that's saying a lot because I am NOT a fan of the cold).
I just think that this lovely lady is the sweetest thing!

This one is another jacket from my grandmother.  It is SO incredibly heavy but snug, especially when you pull the hood up as well.

This last dress is one I saved from going to the tip.  I have never quite been sure whether it is actually nice or not but some how never had the heart to throw it out either.  Possibly with a few alterations and a bit of TLC it could be nursed back to health.
Okay that's all.  Sorry about the terrible photos.  I don't seem to be able to find a spot with nice lighting where we are staying at the moment.


  1. That last dress is great it reminds me of the dress Dylissia wore in Mrs Pettigrew.

    XX R.L

  2. Ha ha oh you are so right, now I really like it!