Sunday, February 20, 2011

A perfect Sunday afternoon

We had such a great weekend!

 On Saturday night we went to my mums house to eat injera.  If you have never eaten injera before I suggest you hunt down your local Ethiopian restaurant immediately!  It is in my opinion the most delicious food ever invented!  My father comes from Eritrea so my mum learnt how to make it from his family back when we used to live in Germany.  Anyway after we stuffed ourselves silly we headed into town to check out the Chinese lantern Festival.  This Festival takes up the whole inner city park and let me tell you, town gets CRAZY on this weekend!  People come flooding in from all over the place to check it out and eat delicious Asian food (and toffee apples!).  As always it was so cool to hang out with my whole family, in fact there is nothing I love more.

On Sunday we had ourselves a little house warming BBQ with a few friends... but not before spending the afternoon at the beach!
It was stunning!  We live about a 5 minute drive away from the beach but don't go nearly often enough.  I have to admit I have been a little put off over the last few days because first there was a swarm of microscopic jellyfish in our region that were stinging everybody (they get in under your clothing and bathing suits), and then when we took the dogs for a walk on the beach the other day we came across a dead (and deadly) puffer fish lying in the sand.  Thankfully yesterday was nothing but warm water and beautiful sunshine!

We eventually dragged ourselves home and got ready to BBQ.  It was SO nice to have a house full of friends and family!  It was just a whole lot of good company, good food, good weather and lots of laughs.  Everything a Sunday afternoon should be!


And that my dears was my weekend.  Now it's Monday morning and I have been up since 6:30am.  I'm getting ready to head to the gym for a consultation to see if I might join up.  We'll see how it goes!