Monday, February 21, 2011


Wow i was actually planning on writing about something quite different but I am just glued to the television right now because there has been another massive earthquake in Christchurch.  It literally looks like a war zone!  They are only just recovering from another huge earthquake in September. Unlike the last one which happened in the middle of the night when everybody was safely in bed, this one struck at lunchtime making it all the more devastating.  The airport has been destroyed and closed, the hospital has been evacuated and they have run out of ambulances because there are so many injured people. One of my oldest and best friends lives there and happens to also be pregnant so I was incredibly relieved to hear that she is alright (although in shock).  I could just cry watching these images, it is so surreal.  Anyway I just want to say the my thoughts go out to all those people in Christchurch, especially those that have lost friends and family to the earthquake.

On a brighter note I wanted to introduce you to a little etsy store that I discovered today.  I am in LOVE with these prints by This Year Girl.

I will definitely be getting one of the Mr Fox prints!

Another incredibly talented lady that I came across this week thanks to Bleubird Vintage.  I love photos anyway but I thought this was just the most brilliant idea!  Here are some of the images taken by photographer Irina Werning  for her project 'Back to the future'.

Aren't they just so clever?!


  1. I can't imagine what it must be like to live on an earthquake zone. It might be cold and dark here, but we almost never have any radical weather- or nature phenomenons and I'm very thankful for that...

  2. I just heard about the earthquake when I woke up here in France and it's really heartbreaking to watch the news...