Friday, February 18, 2011

My week

My weeks are sort of strange at the moment because I haven't been working since Christmas.  I left my job after my hours were going to be cut right back and I had also decided to move too far away to make the commute worth while.  Since then I decided to take a bit of time out to really decide what I am going to do next regarding work.  Despite having several degree's I have seemed to have gravitated towards the more fun but definitely less responsible jobs over the last ten years! I have worked in countless bars and cafes (with some of the most crazy and fun people you could ever hope to meet), I have worked in a record store, for a costume, wardrobe and props company, as a freelance writer, as a fashion columnist, in a retirement home (that was my first job), on music festivals, sold vintage/ retro clothing... phew the list just goes on!  All the while I completed a certificate in Communication Studies, a BA with a double major in English Literature and German Language, and now most recently a post graduate Diploma in Translation Studies.  And somewhere in between that I found the time to go to Europe every few years (including having lived in Germany for 2 years after leaving school), lived in different cities within New Zealand, exploring some of Asia and a whole lot of the little pacific islands dotted around this side of the world.  And yet somehow I feel like I haven't achieved the things I should have at this age because I don't own a house, have a respectable well paying job or any children yet.  Having moved back to my the part of town I grew up in I am always scared I will bump into people I know because the first question they always ask is 'So what have you been up to?", and I stand there racking my brains for something impressive to say.  Silly isn't it what we beat ourselves up about!  I have managed to get myself so worked up about this that I have been suffering from insomnia over the last couple of months (and let me tell you it is no fun at all!  You have no idea how ling the nights really are until you are sitting there awake through most of them).  Anyway so like I was saying I have taken some time out to really figure out what it is I want in life.  It is both exciting and terrifying.  I managed to save enough money before I left my job so that I could afford to take this time out, but it takes a while to get used to the idea that you no longer have a weekly income.  Having said this it has sort of been nice to get back to basics.  Eating out or getting takeaways every night is no longer an option, not buying new clothes isn't a big deal because it was going to be part of my challenge this year anyway (I just have to make sure to avoid the mall), we get plenty of vegetables from my mum's amazing garden, and aside from power and phone bills there is really very little that we need to spend money on.  
Wow I've gone and written a novel here, I guess I had a few things I needed to get off my chest!

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