Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY Sewing Silliness

There's something I have to admit... I'm terrible at sewing!  It's not that I don't know how, it's just that I some how lack the patience for it.  I always begin to attempt to alter dresses etc and then wind up getting frustrated and throwing it all back in the closet!  Then I go and find the brightest silliest fabric I can, grab my scissors and just cut.  I turn the fabric inside out, sew around the edges (leaving a small opening), flip it back the other way around again and start stuffing it with wool.  What I end up with are all kinds of crazy, silly creatures!  That's my kind of sewing... no patterns, no straight lines, no rules whatsoever! Here is a little bear I made today,

I even used this method to teach my youngest sister how to use a sewing machine (yes she was 17 and had never used a sewing machine before!).  Hers is the little pink doll and mine is the gay looking cowboy.  
We had so much fun making these, I don't think either of us had laughed so hard for a long time.

When I was younger my mother made all my dolls for me because she didn't want me playing with cheap plastic ones (in fact now that I think about it she made all my toys).  I managed to find a few of them today.  They aren't in their prime any more (not surprising considering they are about 28 years old and have been handed down through 5 children).
Because she would also sew and knit all my clothes she made adorable little matching outfits for my dolls as well!  I have no idea where they are but I intend to find them.  Anyway the reason I bring these dolls up is that I hugely admire the time and effort my mother put into sewing things for me.  I wish I had appreciated them more at the time.


  1. How sweet that your Mum made all your toys! And I love the little bear, add two little eyes and he'd be good to go. Much nicer to have kids play with wood and cloth toys I think, plastic has its place but you can't beat good ol' tactile cloth and wood!

  2. I agree! And yes the little bear does still need some eyes :)