Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Je'taime Paris... yup this little lady is going on holiday!

I realised recently that it has been nearly 5 years since I left the country! Maybe this doesn't seem too shocking to you but believe me, when you live in a little island country in the middle of nowhere life can get a quite same same after a while.  I always turn a slight tinge of green (with envy that is) when my friends in Europe tell me that they have just popped over to France or Italy for the weekend.  Now don't get me wrong, New Zealand has stunning nature and a countryside that you can never really tire of but lets face it... sometimes you just want a change of scenery!  Anyway so I made a very spur of the moment decision to pop over and visit friends and family over on the other side of the globe.  I don't know what it is like for the rest of you who no longer live in your birth country but I feel like every couple of years I need to go back for a visit and 're- fuel' otherwise it is as though my heart starts to ache.
So Paris and Berlin... here I come! 
I will be spending more time than usual in Paris (which I couldn't be happier about because it is quite possibly my favourite city in the world!) so I would love it if any of you have great tips on where to eat, drink good coffee, thrift shop and do any other exciting things that are usually left off the official guide books.  I have done a bit of research already and found some really great blogs/ websites for Paris (click on the names to find the blogs)...

The Cherry Blossom Girl
 Cherry Blossom Girl lives in Paris, has a fashion sense to envy and takes some of the most beautiful and inspiring photos that I have come across in the blog world.  On top of this she has a photo section dedicated to her photographs of Paris.

Hip Paris Blog
Hip Paris is this fantastic blog/ website that I discovered recently that contains all the inside information you might want as a tourist who wants to do as the locals do!  It introduces its readers to all the best places to eat, where you can get the best coffee, where the best shops are, the flea markets... it is basically my ideal kind of tour guide!

The Little Paris Kitchen
 You absolutely have to go and check this wonderfully inspiring lady out! She went from a fashion career in London, to the famous Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris (if you've watched Julie and Julia you'll know what I'm talking about).  Not only does she travel the world with her cooking skills now but she opens the doors to her little kitchen every now and then to people wanting to sample her delicious sounding food.  I am so tempted to try and book in for dinner!

The Sartorialist
 Okay so I know that the Sartorialist  isn't strictly Paris but Oh me Oh my this blog sure is inspiring!  I have been to Paris a few times and in my experience even the homeless people are better dressed than your regular tourist.  The Parisians have an undeniable sense of style.  I don't know if there is something in the water there or if it is just something they are born with, but if I am feeling uninspired by my wardrobe I check out this website and a new clothing combination always comes to mind.

Anyway like I said, if any of you have any great tips for Paris or Berlin... or Kuala Lumpa in Malaysia for that matter (where I have a one day stop over) then I would absolutely love to hear them!


  1. Have a nice journey! You've deserved it after five years!

  2. Thank you Ina:) I put it off for so long but now that everything is booked I feel like the time couldn't come fast enough! Still 2 weeks to go though.

  3. Oooh I'm SO jealous! You're going to have such a great time! I wish I could come with you xox